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His father had died, leaving behind his sister, mother and brother. However, the father’s death was suspicious, and police investigated. The family also owed a large sum to some unscrupulous people. He now has to take care of them all, find his father’s killers and save enough money for college so he can find a girl for prom.

Download Top Adult Game Summertime Saga

Release date: 25 October 2020
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: DarkCookie
Language: English
File size: 933 MB [Win/Mac/Android]
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The sad story of our main character begins the game. The player is then asked to name him. My sister, who can be renamed, is the father of the victim. The mother (whom you can rename) owes her father a lot of money. And my sister, who can also be named, dropped out of college. She sits in her bedroom all day, thinking nothing about finding work. This legacy of papa must be removed with our skilled hands.

Someone who was counting on a standard action would fail to realize that he had both hit the mark and missed it. Although the game is a lengthy, end-to-end storyline with many characters, relationships with several girls are developed through separate stories. Many events occur only after progressing through the main plot. The game is filled with so much sex that the main character can hop from one bed to the next in the middle of the passage without ever having a relationship.

Summertime Saga
Summertime Saga

The Summertime Saga is a visual short story, so let’s take a closer look at the exterior. Although I wouldn’t want to be tempted by beautiful women, potential players may find the author’s style intimidating. The author is not a bad artist, but he or she knows how to draw and has spent countless hours studying the style of the project. This style is the most complained about. Is he … um … weird? Many people have complained about drawing on the Internet, from “This is not an anime” and “Who let this handshake make it a game?” There is enough praise. We are proud of what we have. Bright and diverse, but not necessarily for everyone.

Charming characters populate the world of the game, which is richly populated. Many girls are different in more than just their appearances, as it is in many dating simulators. Author was not too lazy in registering characters. Even the “Russian mafia”, the ruthless bandits, are endowed with the charisma of scoundrels. The girls who are involved in their paths open up. It’s fascinating to see their stories and the growth of relationships with the GG. Sometimes, it is hard to remember which genre they are playing. Before the first erotic scene.

The game has many female players. You can find something for almost all ages and tastes. What about the shy girl next door? It is! Is it a millionaire’s child? It is possible! Is it a classmate’s mother? Yes, in several copies! There is even a robot maid for special aesthetes. I won’t spoil who.

Summertime Saga
Summertime Saga

There are many sex scenes because we all have different goals in life. Sometimes, it happens completely unexpectedly. Our hero enters a car dealership to purchase a moped. The only woman there is willing to give him her consent. This is not an issue. This is the normal gameplay for the genre, and not the main feature of this game. This is a kind of “American Pie” where everything is cheerful, fun, and almost shamingful in Spanish.

You can see that the author was heavily inspired by youth films. You can also find references to fossil comedy Hot Bubble Gum if you look closely. It is not necessary to mention the references to pop culture. There are many, to suit every taste and sense of beauty.

All the scenes seen add to the gallery. Another incentive is to enjoy the story more.


It’s fun and easy to play. It’s easy to play. There are simple quests that “go there and make that”, as well as mini-games with lots of girls. You won’t get bored. You are shocked at how little time has passed since you turned off the game. He seems to have just clicked the mouse into the world of youth erotic humor.

The whole point of the project is the fact that the author was able to find his favorite elements from other genres. You can find comedy and many different sex scenes in you know which genre. A little detective.

Should we play Summertime Saga? This is a controversial topic. To put it mildly, the 18+ category of games is not for everyone. Both strawberry lovers and ordinary gamers can be scared off by the art and atmosphere of joyful idiocy. People vote with their wallets, so the game clings onto something.

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