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The student years can be the most difficult time in a student’s life. This is a time when mistakes are quite common in young minds. This is the turning point. After which, the fun becomes a routine of trouble and difficulty. You must be fully present until that moment arrives.

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Download Top Adult Game Being a DIK

Being a Dik is a visual novel with a lot of erotic content, made in the spirit of the adventure Telltale Games by a solo developer under the nickname DrPinkCake. The famous Acting Lessons was created behind the publisher’s back. Although the initial project made a good impression, the author decided to move on to a new project. Official release was one of the top new Steam products for 2020. As you can see from the preface the setting for the text adventure was college.

Release date: 11 June 2020
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Dr PinkCake
Language: English
File size: 2.4 GB [Win/Mac]
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Being a Dik
Being a Dik

A letter of approval is given to a young boy from a poor family for admission to Burgmeister & Roey College (B&R). He decides to make a change in his life and quits his job at a supermarket. Everything immediately starts to go wrong as soon as he steps on the threshold to a new life. The college atmosphere is stressful because the roommate is an absolute slob. Instead of studying as planned, he gets dragged into a bizarre series of events. The charming Maya, a local freshman, comes to his rescue. The conversation reveals that the entire neighborhood is managed by club communities, including the Tri-Beta botanists and the Alpha nu omega rich kids, the tri­Alpha jerkheads and a new fraternity called DIK. (Delta Iota Kappa). DIK was founded relatively recently and the name reflects the personalities of the group. DIK Creed: Wednesday night is hot with drinks and sleepless nights, in the company of sexy girl and the SEXY girls’ dorm. There is a fierce competition for women’s attention between the new brotherhood, and the steroid-boobies. The main character was subject to a round-up. He is made a DIK member by accident. However, to be eligible to join the ranks the most vicious thugs, he must first pass a rigorous qualifying round. The assigned tasks will require courage and madness. We will see how an inexperienced student turns into a car that craves carnal pleasures.

Being a Dik
Being a Dik
Being a Dik

DrPinkCake was created from the hilarious comedy American Pie. First impressions show that the protagonist is met with a chaotic and specific atmosphere. The hero is caught up in studies and partying, and must join the ranks of the former. The development of the plot is dependent on how the dialogue is chosen. You will make important decisions throughout the passage that will impact your relationship with the characters. The YG’s personality will be shaped by the situations. You can play the role either of a determined boy philanthropist or a stubborn, persistent macho who no one can resist. Although Apollo’s presence is obvious, it is not something that the girls will be able to ignore. B&R is the place where the hottest and most popular female students live. Everyone is at least 18 years of age! Each person requires a unique approach, persistence, and curiosity. You will not be able to conquer the pedestal for love without them. The narrative is not only filled with bed scenes but also includes romantic lines that have unexpected twists and turns that aren’t predictable. As it should, the introduction is building momentum like an avalanche. It starts with a snowball of everyday comedy, and continues with a huge ball of intrigue and tears, and then turns into a torrential storm of gossip, tears, and gossip. The author warns you at the beginning not to play this game if you are going through a difficult time in your life. Exceedive concern is a sign of excessive concern. However, this is not the case when content wins over form. The story drags from the beginning and eroticism becomes a pleasant side effect to the interesting plot. Bright events and humor from the toilet were added to spice up the game. It is easy to get to know the characters and feel their sympathy. Each person has their own personality. Derek was one of our brightest representatives. He is a wild man and our shirtless sidekick. It isn’t clear if he is trying to fool you or not. However, one thing is certain – this “assman” will always support you and won’t let your troubles get in the way.

A short list of the main characters:

JosyBeing a Dik
MayaBeing a Dik
SageBeing a Dik
JillBeing a Dik
Cathy & jadeBeing a Dik
IsabellaBeing a Dik
RionaBeing a Dik
QuinnBeing a Dik
  • Josy is our hero’s first love. She is friendly, sociable and capable of captivating anyone in the room where she is.
  • Maya, a friendly freshman, is a resident of the SEXY girls’ dorm. This dorm houses the hottest B & R’s. At the time of admission, she was our first friend.
  • Sage is a red-haired, ardent third year. SEXY President. He meets the President of Tri-Alpha Club, but their relationship has been in trouble.
  • Jill is an intelligent aristocrat. Alpha nu omega snob fraternity member. This girl is the innocent stone of romantic relationships. It must be polished slowly and consistently to make it shine. She isn’t ready to be the first to meet someone she falls in love with. She can be described as the “best girl” in a certain way.
  • Isabella, a librarian at the library, is nicknamed the “Ice Queen”. A fortress that is impregnable and can be used by the most desperate women’s men. The beauty of the heroine is in her hazy past, which must be revealed to reach her destination.
  • Cathy is a Math and English teacher. But she is a shy outsider who is domineering inside.
  • Jade is a milk machine that teaches gender psychology lectures. Sly, intelligent and obsessed with revenge against her husband for his three betrayals of young students, Jade is smart and preoccupied.
  • Riona is quiet but very sexy. She gave the impression of a doll with dead eyes. Maybe she can return from heaven to Earth. Quinn is always close to her.
  • Quinn – Vice President, SEXY club. You will be awoken by her brutal instincts as a manipulator. She is obsessed with money but she also uses other people to reach her goals. This wild panther is a common sight among campus girls. Your hatred of her will soon turn into something else.

These are just a few of the characters that you can reach out to, despite having a good list.


  • There are two types of behavior in a text adventure: CHICK and DIK. The first one is responsible for persistence and confidence and the second for restraint, modesty and modesty. This assessment will determine the development of the plot as well as the courage of GG. For example, Huge DIK can jump in a sauna with a bunch of girls and steam a bump. While some are enjoying the Rod of Greatness, he will tease others. In this scenario, CHICK will run away from him, but he will make amends for bothering him. There are many characters and locations. DIK points are a way to gauge how girls will respond to you. This simplified monetary system consists of five $ symbols. You can also earn money by playing mini-games. These are optional but they can be awarded. You can have special processed photos (renders), of naked heroines. This feature is not recommended to be disabled, but it can dilute the gameplay. Although you will need to go through all the steps, it doesn’t require any special skills. If you are really interested in mini-games, this shouldn’t stop you.DikYou should have fun and not be a chore. You can play with minigames disabled. Every time you find money you get twice the amount to make up for the loss. You can purchase items by walking around the area. Derek gives out cribs to classes, Magnar, the nerd president, gives out boosters and Queen sells well… sex. Queen offers many escorts but only certain episodes have her special offers. You must complete the game at minimum 2 times to earn 44 achievements.

    Mini games

    • Shuffle – The objective is to get a picture out of the scattered tiles. The player will receive ($). money after completing the task.
    • Brawler – fights with your opponents Story skirmishes between jocks can use game mechanics. You can increase your character’s stats by distributing skills. You can hit enemies harder with power (POW), dexterity (DEX), and points (HP). Movement (MOV) gives you the chance to hit them multiple times.
    • You must learn English by making words out of a set letter.
    • A math lesson is a series of logical questions that you must answer correctly.
    • Gender studies is all about communication with feminists. You must remember the words of your interlocutor to complete the lesson. You will be asked questions about the information she gave you after you have discussed. To pass the test, answer them correctly.
    • Mini-game about drinking. The only way to get through the drinking minigame is to move your mouse cursor from where it started to the target, without touching any edges. You can’t keep going for too long because each attempt is limited by an invisible timer. You can win special renders or other rewards by winning the booze minigames.
    • You must direct the ball onto an empty court using the force of the blow in a mini-tennis game.

    It is easy to use. Interaction is centered on the smartphone. As events unfold, new applications like Rooster and Swyper will emerge.


    The Adult game is intended to tell a story. A walkthrough can ruin that experience. The walkthrough is not recommended for the first playthrough. It can be used to find collectibles, view new lewd cutscenes, and/or discover another path. The Steam first season featured 361 animated scenes, over 9000 images, and not all of them are sexually explicit. The first season was released on Steam 9 months ago. During that time, 5-6 episodes were published and the 7th is still being developed. One episode takes 3.5 months. The developer claims he doesn’t intend to hire staff to speed up the process. Fears of destroying the overall product vision and believes it will impact performance.DrPinkCake targets 20 episodes inclusive. You will have a lot of fun and want to continue the journey. It’s casual, entertaining, and easily replayable. This is a great achievement for a lonely person. BaD is the longest story at 14 hours.DikSeason 1 is $ 8 and includes 4 episodes. The Russian translation of the first 5 parts has been added. The game currently has over 2.600 reviews with a lot of positive feedback. The announcement states that the new seasons will be available separately as DLC. Future content will be added to the basic version, which means there is only one executable.

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