Adult Game Miri’s Corruption – Version

Release date: 01/04/2023
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: LewdAnnieMay
Language: English
File size: 5.3 GB

Miri's Corruption - Version
Miri's Corruption - Version
You play as Miri, the unlucky recipient of a demonic lust mark.
Retain her purity (Increasingly less pointless) or indulge in debauchery with strange people and stranger creatures!
Added Lord Audax Romance
6 scenes, 1 ending.

Added Ari substory – Dominant and Submissive routes.
10 scenes, 5 per route (Routes unfinished, more to come soon)

Added the Estate Interior. Sleeping in the maid quarters bed gives Miri a bonus of 25 energy (125 total energy.)

Added an option to jump to the start of the Brutus route when starting a new game

Moved dialogue options to the left side of the screen, to stop them from obscuring characters.

Changed a tiny bit of dialogue in the opening sequence when visiting Whiterun for the first time.

Rebalanced Brutus Trust growth. Tending now gives 2 Trust instead of 1, and handjobs and vaginal scenes now give 20 Trust, up from 10.

Rebalanced Favor gain from garden work. Weeding and watering both give 10 Favor, up from 5, and harvesting produce now gives 50 favor, up from 30.

The rake from Belethor’s Shop now prevents time of day from progressing when weeding, in addition to removing the energy cost.

Added options to sell individual pieces of produce to Carlotta, as well as the option to buy produce for the same price.

Added the baking task. Baking requires 25 energy, but does not progress time. Gives favor, and can only be done at dawn.

Added the supper task. Miri can either make a proper meal (5 produce + 1 meat for 50 favor) or a plain meal (5 produce for 25 favor).

Added the Whiterun meat stall. Miri can now buy meat for 15 gold per piece.

Added the Whiterun jewelry stall. Currently only sells a certain amulet.

Miri's Corruption - Version
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