Adult Game Alvein – Version 71a

Release date: 01/06/2023
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Yni
Language: English
File size: 600 MB

Alvein - Version 71a
Alvein - Version 71a
“Alvein”: I became hero but …” — is an adult RPG that has a variety of intriguing puzzles, thrilling plot twists, dangerous obstacles and, most importantly, beautiful women with their own backstories as well as personal characteristics.
The Main Character is entrusted with the responsibility of carrying the death of his father and must now protect his village from an increasing threat. The player will take on the role of this young man who may appear lacking in heroism but will surprise you with his talent and amazing luck.
You can show everyone that you’re the Great Guardian. Help save Alvein. Take control of the hearts and bodies of every woman in town.
Romi’s story update:
-Cardgame scene.
-Morning mini-scene.
-Warming Scene. (Animated. 2 phases)
-Mira scene. (Animated. 2 phases)
-Double Mira Romi scene. (Animated. 3 phases + 1 ending scene)
-Romi scene. (Animated. 4 phases + 1 angle)
-Romi scene. (Animated. 2 phases)

-The first scene with Emilia was completely redrawn. Again. The third time.
-Romi’s splash art was redrawn.
-The animation on the Title Screen has been changed.
-The music in the MC’s house has been changed.

-A bug in Ada’s quest has been fixed. Quest with switches in Ygritte’s house.
-The weight of the game has been reduced.
-The bug with the Job in the tavern has been fixed.
-The scene with Emilia in the memory room has been fixed.

Alvein - Version 71a
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