Adult Game Enslaver – Dark path – Version 0.2.3

Release date: 05/03/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: MiloHazeFetishFactory
Language: English
File size: 7 GB [Win/Mac/Android]

Enslaver - Dark path - Version 0.2.3
Enslaver - Dark path - Version 0.2.3
What happens when a young man discovers the darkness within himself? Would he be able to resist the darkening impulses that gripped him, or would he give himself completely to his evil side and take the dark path?
In a final and desperate attempt to get him back on track, Jason is punished by spending the summer at school with the smartest, most educated, and most ambitious students in town.
Were they right and would the environment of such good classmates be sobering for him, or did Principal Louis put a wolf in a sheepfold? Feel the sequel to “Enslaver – the beginning”and enjoy the unlimited imagination and rage of a psychopath obliged to follow the rules…
1. We begin with Long intro starting the story right after the end of 0.2.0.
2. Opening long scene in English class with the promised test with Mrs. Khatri.
3.Two hot scenes to choose from;
Both scenes will have a sequel in 0.2.5.
3. Two scenes to choose between:
– Ms. McNeal,
– or Ms. Anderson.
Here you’ll have a chance to see the long term effects of the pills (if you used them on the teachers), but only if you play your cards right.
4. Closing scene with Mom, just like you voted. The scene is long, hot and extreme.
Enslaver - Dark path - Version 0.2.3
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