Adult Game Timestamps, Lost Love – Version R11 PE & Incest Patch

Release date: 10/24/2023
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: motkeyz
Language: English
File size: 5.2 GB

Timestamps, Lost Love - Version R11 PE & Incest Patch
Timestamps, Lost Love - Version R11 PE & Incest Patch
The second chapter of the game. A college student is held captive by his lustful desires and has made a lot of mistakes. Lucky that your most trusted friend has discovered a method to manipulate time… You have the opportunity to revisit and rectify certain mistakes… Do you correct the things in the past in order to improve your life or will you cause it to get worse. You have the option of making new choices take new steps to attain everything you wish for or you just might keep mucking the system… You have time on your side which is the one positive thing. There are plenty of choices. Will you help them choose the right one?
* A lot of new steamy content and story progression!

* Some corrections of errors in older content. VNGINE Changes

* During the last phase of testing, we encountered a problem that was caused by the continuous increase in the size of the game with each new version. Upon investigation, we realized that the main storage container, which held everything excluding the renders, was nearing its limit. To address this problem, we made the decision to temporarily remove three animations from previous releases. These specific animations were chosen based on their minimal impact and their significant file sizes, allowing us to find a solution to the issue. We are currently working on a permanent solution, but in order to avoid further delays in the release, we will address this issue later. It is difficult to determine the exact duration at the moment since it might involve a substantial amount of work. The animations that were taken out temporarily were Day12 Police Station Walk Animation, Day 12 Beach House Walk Animation and Day 14 Chocolaterie Walk Animation

Timestamps, Lost Love - Version R11 PE & Incest Patch
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