Adult Game Mystwood Manor – Version 0.9.1 & Incest Patch

Release date: 05/27/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Faerin
Language: English
File size: 1.4 GB

Mystwood Manor - Version 0.9.1 & Incest Patch
Mystwood Manor - Version 0.9.1 & Incest Patch
In Mystwood Manor you play as a young adult who is placed in charge of an extremely ancient and mysterious hotel because of “unexpected” events.
You’ll hire staff, train and supervise your staff, build new facilities, and improve your hotel to meet customers’ demands. Each girl on your staff will have her own unique personality and backstory.
As you progress each of their storylines you will find out more about them and get to get to know them from the inside out…
You’ll be able uncover the mystery of Mystwood while growing and managing your hotel business. Be ready for a fresh adventure, packed with terrifying plot twists and most of all, plenty and many hot, steamy sex

Added a new tier 5 event for Kay.
Added a new tier 5 event for Hana.
Added 1 new event for Miguel Alvarez.
Added 2 new events for Diego Alvarez.
Added 2 new events for Sofia Fernandez.
Added a new event for the cave.
Added a new event for the Royal Stag.
Added the general store to the map.
Added the lake to the map.
Added several new items.


Implemented a bonus reward tier (all staff members will be naked).
Note: You will need to unlock this first, by completing a new event, and obtaining a special item.
Note: you can turn this on/off by (un)equipping the item.
Added images for the bonus tier for all girls with upkeep jobs.
Added a custom game icon for MwM.
Added staff descriptions to the profile page.
The statistics buttons now unlocks after the intro (like the cheat button).
Story mode is now available in the basic version as well.
Added translation for day and time in UI.
Changed the locations where some of the items can be found (this will not affect existing saves.)
Replaced the Unity splash screen with a new logo animation.


Fixed a bug causing the bank dialog to only show 2 choices (instead of a third incorrect answer that gives a hint to helping you find the right answers.)
Fixed a bug causing the negative upkeep events to no longer trigger.
Fixed a bug causing cards to disappear during readings.
Fixed a bug with the bank event not showing on the map.
Fixed a bug causing the menu and UI not to change when a different language was selected.
Fixed a bug causing white portraits when using the auto-planner.
Fixed a bug causing the auto-planner to assign staff to unrenovated rooms.
Fixed a bug with the banker’s dialog, when paying off the debt before asking about Quinn.

Mystwood Manor - Version 0.9.1 & Incest Patch
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