The following information will be required in order to write a Proper DMCA/EUCD Notification
  1. You must identify yourself as the owner or representative of copyrighted or exclusive work.
  2. Identify the copyrighted materials that you believe have been infringed.
  3. Provide Web URLs on AdultGamesx.Com to identify material that you believe infringes your copyright.
  4. Please list your contact information. Include your name, street, address, phone number, email address, and phone number. If you are acting in the name of the copyright owner's copyright owner, please describe your affiliation with him (e.g. attorney, vendor or agent).
  5. Declare that you believe that the copyright holder, its agents, the law, or any other person has prohibited the use the aforementioned material.
  6. You declare that all information in the notice has been accurate.
  7. You can use this form for a report to report a document. It will be faster to block access.
  8. To exercise your DMCA/EUCD claims, your Proper DMCA/EUCD Warning must be sent directly to AdultGamesx.Com.
Notice and takedown procedure

AdultGamesx.Com shall follow the procedures outlined in the DMCA/EUCD for the proper enforcement of rights of copyright holder. AdultGamesx.Com takes immediate action to remove infringing materials from sites it becomes aware of by receiving a Proper DMCA/EUCD Notification from Designated Agent. This action does not require you to wait for confirmation from AdultGamesx.Com.

Thank you for your understanding!