Adult Game [Android] My Tuition Academia – Version 0.6.3

Release date: 5 November 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: TwistedScarlett
Language: English
File Size: 211 MB [Win/Mac/Android]

My Tuition Academia - Version 0.6.3My Tuition Academia - Version 0.6.3
[Android] My Tuition Academia - Version 0.6.3
My Tuition Academia - Version 0.6.3
My Tuition Academia gives you the ability to play as the brunette female protagonist in a life-simulation game. Your goal is make as much money and manage the college day. It’s a perverse and dangerous world. You can either make it work for you or let it.

*NEW* Dungeon Route with the Character, ‘Mika’. Route starts through a midday random event if you have over 50 sexual desire.
Dungeon Route: Nude Shibari
Dungeon Route: Shibari Sex
Dungeon Route: Suspended Threeway + Extras
Strip Club: You can now pay for a dance
Strip Club: You can pay for oral service
Grope Events: Once per day, when visiting the map, there’s a chance you will get a random Boob/Butt ‘grope’ event. This gives a temporary buff in sexual desire. The odds are 5% normally, 50% with a lewd outfit and 100% when fully nude.
Pepper Spray Item: Added to the General Shop, allowing you, from the inventory, to turn on/off grope events.
Getting Black-Out Drunk: Previously, drinking only accounted for drinking 5 units of alcohol, but it was possible to drink up to 8 by minmaxing. The game now accounts for this, now if you drink over 5 units, you can black out and recieve a special sleeping sex scene. It’s a hard to get secret scene, if you don’t already know how. (Tip: She’s weak to peer pressure, but it won’t work if she has a friend to look after her.)
New Cheat: Cheat Gallery, can view all art without completing the routes.
New Item: “Plan C” in the Pharmacy, lets you cancel a pregnancy if you catch it within the first 5 days.
Massage Route 3: If you’re a Butt Queen, you no longer automatically skip this part, but you now have the choice *to* skip it.
Yoko’s Futa Scene: Now takes your virginity, you can now choose to wear a condom, and you can now get pregnant from this scene.
Some Gallery Improvements and added the 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 content to the gallery.
The stats shown in the bedroom are now more consistent, especially when changed using inventory items.
You can no longer get pregnant from butt sex with your supervisor
Flashing at the pool now shows piercings if you’re wearing them
Plenty of coding and typo fixes
My Tuition Academia - Version 0.6.3

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My Tuition Academia - Version 0.6.3My Tuition Academia - Version 0.6.3
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