Adult Game [Android] My Tuition Academia – Version 0.3.0

Release date: 7 August 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: TwistedScarlett
Language: English
File Size: 211 MB [Win/Android]

[Android] My Tuition Academia - Version 0.3.0[Android] My Tuition Academia - Version 0.3.0
[Android] My Tuition Academia - Version 0.3.0
[Android] My Tuition Academia - Version 0.3.0

My Tuition Academy simulates life. You play the role of a brunette girl protagonist. Your mission is to earn the most money and maintain a balanced college life. It’s perverse and dangerous.
– Added a Pool, with new character ‘Tina’, and two events.
– Added a Studio with one extended scene.- Added a Club with a teaser for a new character route, and the ability to take a man home. You can also take men home.
– Added male dorms, a place to seek out people as an escort. Uses different art to the club .
– Added a Gentleman’s Club you can work at using the bunny suit, only one scene there right now, planning for this to be a ‘late game’ area though.
– Changed the Tutor route into a new ‘Yomo Estate’ route which integrates the old tutoring with new content. Featuring two lesbian scenes.
– Added a beach has Susu’s route. With two lesbian scenes.
– Experimenting with additional moaning and panting sound design for foreplay scenes.
– Removed working in a bunny suit at the bar, and instead integrates that with the new strip club, allowing you to work there in the suit.
– Added an advanced cheat menu, adding the ability to change day, change personality/quirks and add items.
– Fixed every bug and typo reported
– Shame is no longer a percent
– Some early game acts lower your shame more, particularly the first times you do something.

[Android] My Tuition Academia - Version 0.3.0

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[Android] My Tuition Academia - Version 0.3.0[Android] My Tuition Academia - Version 0.3.0
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