Adult Game [Android] RE: Hero Academia – Version 0.22

Release date: 12/08/2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Double-H
Language: English
File size: 105 MB [Win/Mac/Android]

[Android] RE: Hero Academia - Version 0.22
[Android] RE: Hero Academia - Version 0.22
You play as a Pro Hero, a recent graduation from U.A. who was shot dead in action, but was saved by a mysterious Quirk and was re-routed back to the past.
There’s another chance to enhance your abilities, make new friends, and solve the mysteries of your past and save yourself from certain doom.
Along the way, you will have several sexual interactions with your favourite characters. It’s a fair price for one time dying, right?
– Phase 1 is officially over. Every new content starting with the next update will require you to complete the mall rescue main quest for access. However, there are some minor variations that should not affect your gameplay.

Improved Tsuyu and Midnight’s nude sprites.

– Four new Tsuyu scenes. These are the continuations of the blackmail plot. They also tie into the main story.

1 new scene, featuring a new girl.

After the incident at the mall rescue, Mei has a new gadget with some interesting functionalities. It is able to be used in the correct location to open the area.

If you’re lucky enough to see Mei doing something interesting whenever you return to her after her rescue at the mall,

There are two new locations: Teacher’s lounge and the Main Street. Main Street can also be accessible via the Mall.

Grade-2 Slicer – A brand new item. These do not have any effects for now, however you can still get them. There will be more things to hack in the next update.

New item: Firecrackers. When they are used in a consumable way, these items cause moderate damage to elements.

New item: Shockwave Disk. If used, these consumable items can cause moderate mental damage to your enemy.

– New item: Mechanical Gauntlet. This item is capable of dealing minor physical harm to your enemy when used. There’s no limit on how many times you may utilize this item, but it does not come cheap.

After you have cleared the mall rescue, the remaining three items can be purchased in a store located within an alleyway. If you are able to assist the owner of the shop by offering a sample of the firecrackers and disks.

– Fixed a bug in which any combination of Jiro’s Quirk – Earphone Jack doesn’t deal any harm.

– Resolved a few cases where it was an unsportsmanlike fight. I hope that I have been able to catch them all at this point.

[Android] RE: Hero Academia - Version 0.22
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