Adult Game [Android] Casey’s Fall – Version 2021-08

Release date: 13 August 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Sakrilas
Language: English
File Size: 171 MB [Win/Mac/Android]

[Android] Casey's Fall - Version 2021-08[Android] Casey's Fall - Version 2021-08
[Android] Casey's Fall - Version 2021-08
[Android] Casey's Fall - Version 2021-08

It is in the near future. After the war for the corps of data, resources, and power. The government granted them exterritorial right. Every Corp expanded their territory and forged their own laws. The influence of the governments declined quickly. A higher standard of living was achieved through the advent of modern technology such as Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality in gene editing, science and advanced robotics.
Softlinxxx’s Main Character has just developed a new medicine to combat side effects of more severe medical treatments. As the inventor, he becomes much more than a VR scientist. He’s also now a target. However, the MC is not an easy task.
-change the scene when you reject Keely at the pool, she now has a Shirt on when you choose that option
-changed the images used for the DNA at the beginning
-changed the side images for Zandra(less hair shine now)
-changed MC’s side image(from the point he gets his new clothes when he visits Drayzer)
-151 new images, 1161 in total
-size: roughly 820 MB

[Android] Casey's Fall - Version 2021-08

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[Android] Casey's Fall - Version 2021-08[Android] Casey's Fall - Version 2021-08
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