Adult Game [Android] Wicked Rouge Refine – Version 0.5.0

Release date: 05/07/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: fidless
Language: English
File size: 890 MB [Win/Mac/Android]

[Android] Wicked Rouge Refine - Version 0.5.0
[Android] Wicked Rouge Refine - Version 0.5.0
Wicked Rouge is an interactive NSFW Adult Visual Novel & Brothel Management Game in development and created by fidless.
After your father’s sudden death by the hand of well known criminal and entrepreneur, you inherit your father’s business which is a pleasure house in the city of Hana.
Can you restore “The Red Petal” to its former glory and exact your revenge?
Only time will tell…​

– Added EVENT “Guren shames Hideaki”.

– Added EVENT “Umezou breakfast with his wife”.

– Added EVENT “Chat with Toneko”.

– Added EVENT “Nakaka chills with Fudeyo”.

– Added EVENT “Takeru punishes delinquent”.

– Added EVENT “MC trains in the garden with Fudeyo beside him”.

– Added EVENT “Night at the office with Otsu”.

– Added EVENT “Night in the bed with Otsu”.

– Added EVENT “Kisayo’s feelings”.

– Added EVENT “Next day. Otsu embarrassment”.

– Added EVENT “Enemies planning. Assassination”.

– Added EVENT “Assassin sneaks in to murder MC”.

– Added EVENT “Assassin gets fucked”.

– Added EVENT “Kisayo’s punishment”.

– Added EVENT “New oiran”.

– Added EVENT “Tomomitsu plans”.


-Reduced sickness length.

-Increased successful steal chance.


-Fixed Autosave function.

-Fixed wrong skill display text for sex talents (Nakako)

-Extra fixes to player name entries throughout the intro sequence.

-Fixed and extended entertainment room upgrade to level 5.

-Fixed some events order.

-Added level-up event to natural sex service experience gain.

-Fixed improvement ceramic teapot price.

[Android] Wicked Rouge Refine - Version 0.5.0
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