Adult Game Trials in Tainted Space – Version 0.9.080

Release date: 11/14/2023
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Fenoxo FenFen
Language: English
File size: 205 MB [Win/Mac/Android]

Trials in Tainted Space - Version 0.9.080
Trials in Tainted Space - Version 0.9.080
Trials in Tainted Space is an unpaid text game about exploring the universe, yourself, and all of its players in fun and customizable ways. It’s simple to modify scenes by changing them as you go. It’s possible to play a range of characters, such as an officer on the deck of a ship, a male-looking hermaphrodite, or a hardworking professional looking for a new job.
PUBLIC Hardlight Taursuit is now available to the public which can be found out in the Rust Fields on Tarkus. By donning this lower undergarment, you can sprout a fully realized, fully sensitized taur body to experience how things are on the other side of the pasture. When you take it off, things should go back to normal.
PUBLIC Medical Milkers and MedImplants are now available from Implantation Station and KreamyFroot is available from Ellie.
BACKER Some new on-ship scenes are available for Nova and Kiro/Azra. They can randomly proc when Nova is in your ship storage and Kiro is horny enough or Azra is just generally available, with a 14 day cooldown between repeats. (The Biologist & Gedan)
Added a confirmation step for the rivals gender to the new game character creation flow. (Jacques)
Added a jetpack icon for jetpack accessories. (Jacques)
Added the ability to view the codex after a game over so that it’s possible to review playstats. (Jacques)
Added a means for us to forcibly update the mannequin display so that we can trigger it early for a variety of purposes, namely for bad ends that involve transforming the player. (Jacques)
Added another rendering mode to display art assets that should work better with pixel-art style images. (Jacques)
Added the start of various quest log structures for Phaedra content. (lowercase_donkey)
Added better clarity to the inventory set buttons to make it clear that the buttons can be used to access the set category. (Jacques)
Fixed some inconsistencies relating to freedom beef and sillymode availability internal to the means by which she is encountered. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed some unclear layout when creating a new game when a game is already in progress. (Jacques)
Fixed some potential issues with how we check for a variety of hardlight suits. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed some issuew with liferoot and radglow clamping an internal number in an invalid way. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed blackjack stats not being displayed in the quest log encounters. (Jacques)
Fixed side buttons not properly displaying as disabled on certain screens. (Jacques)
Fixed some number display inconsistenties with game stats. (Jacques)
Fixed flags being removed from display when comparing items. (Jacques)
Fixed tease reaction text box positioning so that it aligns to the targets side of the display. (Jacques)
Fixed the First-14 achievement so that it triggers if the player decides not to fast travel to their ship. (Jacques)
Fixed Kattom showing up in the encounter log for no reason. (Jacques)
Fixed the internal VSCode tool to help structure scene content to better handle quotes around certain special characters, which should further reduce the rate we introduce italic bleed issues. (Gedan)
Fixed a milodan infiltrator bust from not being displayed. (Jacques)
Fixed milodan males not properly adjusting their combat description. (Jacques)
Fixed a gryvain techie loss scene not properly functioning. (Jacques)
Fixed levitation overriding flight, and it not clearing properly when we attempt to clear other modes of flight. (Jacques)
Fixed wing descriptions sometimes being able to double-describe their color. (Jacques)
Fixed some scenes not being properly setup to handle varied modes of flight that are now available. (Jacques)
Fixed simple melee attacks not properly missing levitating targets. (Jacques)
Fixed Sturm and Drang from being able to fire multiple times per turn, and enahnced this limit to apply to any weapon flagged as “Low Hit Rate”. (Jacques)
Fixed Flurry not being included in the questlog. (Jacques)
Fixed the mindwash visor not appearing in the list of installed devices under the masturbation menu. (Jacques)
Fixed the currency type used in Kiona’s shop being displayed inconsistently. (Jacques)
Fixed Tuuva’s credits not being displayed in the log. (Jacques)
Fixed Sera having morning sickness when she has no reason to have morning sickness. (Jacques)
Fixed the Bimboleum Emitter being infinitely lootable. (Jacques)
Fixed and updated the tooltip for the grey goo armor. (Jacques)
Fixed the locked passages around the Pump King not actually being locked and requiring the key, and that Pump King was missing from the log. (Jacques)
Fixed a potential re-activation of the “you are ready to level up” prompt if you haven’t yet actually levelled up. (Jacques)
Fixed the Uveto “Bitterly Cold” effect from being applied whilst in some caves and other indoor environments. (Jacques)
Fixed a variety of inconsistencies with elevator floor selection in different areas of the game, and added this system to Zheng Shi. (Jacques)
Fixed some incorrect parsers in an Anyxine scene. (Gedan)
Fixed an inverted lock configuration on one of the Zheng Shi elevator exits. (Jacques)
Fixed some issues relating to claiming the grey goo armor. (Jacques)
Fixed Bulky Belly being applied when wearing an item that puports to provide “belly support” like the Thraggen Harness. (Jacques)
Fixed a variety of issues and crashes behind the scenes with Rats Raiders content. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed the shock hopper stats not properly querying the flag used to determine if you have looted the probe or not. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed Siobhan’s bust not being used in as many places as it could. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed a few issues with some of the ship weapon attacks. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed a missing bust variation from one of our artists that was improperly configured in the manifest. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed an inconsistent icon used for the Myrna event. (Jacques)
Fixed the usual assortment of typos, whitespace issues and italic bleeds. (Jacques, Gedan)
Trials in Tainted Space - Version 0.9.080
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