Adult Game Warlock and Boobs – Version 0.356

Release date: 07/12/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Boobsgames
Language: English/Russian
File size: 968 MB

Warlock and Boobs - Version 0.356
Warlock and Boobs - Version 0.356
Krowly always wanted to study magic, find monster girls, and most of all, have a good time. Krowley needs your help to realize his dreams
New animated scene with the flower girl.
Mini events.
These are very small flavor events that are randomly happening when you do everyday activities. Some are just a block of lore text or a bit of exposition. Some of them depends on your statistic or other conditions.
Helping Astra: 4 mini events
Reading Melissa’s books:4 mini events
Help in Monastery: +3 mini events, +1 event with Mother Sabrina (different depending on relationship with her)
Reading books in Krowly’s bedroom: +5 mini events

Rose joins topless Friday. Talk to her during the topless Friday evening if Jaina already joined and if you have already seen huge boobs event with Rose (huge boobs even needs to be triggered again, in this update)
Samantha joins topless Friday. Just talk to her during topless Friday evening
Jill joins topless Friday. Talk to her during topless Friday evening if everybody else have joined (check for Agnieszka, Rose, Taisha and Samantha)
New scenes:
Agnieszka’s titfuck. Flirt with her during the topless Friday in the tavern. 15 or more relationship points.
Rose autofellatio. Has random chance to be triggered when you help Rose to test potions (gay scenes shouldn’t be disabled in menu for this scene)
Flowerjob. Animated. After first encounter you can meet flower girl in different places around the map. (the wood, elven forest, near Melissa’s tower, fairies’ glade) If you choose not to fight, there will be an option to trigger the scene. Same scene with different flower girl is triggered when you loose a fight to her during the event on the hunt (the one with dick shaped plants)
Mother Sabrina’s boobs demonstration. Flirt with her during the day. Requires 10 or more relationship points with her

New pictures:
Flowerjob. Lots of variants and elements for the animated scene.
Agnieszka’s titfuck. 3 variants
Rose’s autofellatio. 4 variants
Mother Sabrina’s nippleshowing and topless variants.
Rose topless
Jill topless
Samantha topless
2 “sketch” images that are used during mini events
Small things
Variants of Mother Sabrina’s and Battle Nun’s illustrations without weapons
Melissa points to her books when you are looking for the “eye of Beholder” spell during the quest
fix: cheat causing Juliette’s event to trigger before she is saved
fix: party menu Krwoly’s portrait
Lizzy’s heal buff

Warlock and Boobs - Version 0.356
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