Adult Game Midnight Sin – Version 0.1.8

Release date: 11/25/2023
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Faerin
Language: English
File size: 555 MB

Midnight Sin - Version 0.1.8
Midnight Sin - Version 0.1.8
This is a tech release of Faerins latest game Midnight Sin. You play as the bodyguard to a mother and her three beautiful daughters. You live in a lavish mansion with the family and have to protect them from harm, whilst also breaking down the barriers that they have put up. Each girl has a different personality and you will have to navigate these to get closer to them.​
Hey guys,
Now that I can fully focus on content, the game is coming together a bit faster.
I think I should be able to add more sexual content in the next update(s), as the individual stories are
progressing nicely.
Thanks a lot for all your support, I hope you like where the game & story are going!
The next update will add a big “twist”, so I’m really looking forward to that.
All the best,

• Added a new event for Olivia in her bedroom.
• Added the next part of the watching TV event chain for Olivia.
• Added the next appointment event for Annabelle.
• Added a new event to get into Annabelle’s room when Kate is cleaning.
• Added the first part of the Hentai Impact event chain for Annabelle.
• Added a new dialog for Rebecca, inviting you to join the girls for dinner (this will trigger
automatically once you have finished the 4th blackmail event).
• Added the family dinner dialog (this will unlock once you are invited to join).
• Added a new triggerable dialog for Olivia to the family dinner event.
• Added a new triggerable dialog for Annabelle to the family dinner event.
• Added 2 more “hidden” books.
• Added several new minor object interactions around the mansion.
• Added default appointment events for each girl (after you have finished the current
• The hint icons can now be clicked to open the corresponding character’s profile.
• Added keyboard shortcuts for character screen (c), inventory (i), and map (m).
• Added the censored version of the naked animations for each girl.
• Adjusted the return times for the appointments according to the required travel time.
• Annabelle’s door no longer shows as locked when you need to pick her up for her
• Fixed a bug causing the city map the be locked after the first day.
• Fixed the tooltip for the love progression bar on the character profile.
• Fixed a bug causing the music to still play faintly when the volume was set to 0.
• Fixed a bug causing Rebecca and the washing machine interactions to overlap.
• Fixed a bug causing a black screen to appear during some interaction dialogs.
• Fixed a bug causing the 2nd TV event to trigger before asking about the laptop.

Midnight Sin - Version 0.1.8
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