Adult Game Accursed: Emma’s Path – Version 0.0.18

Release date: 09/25/2023
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: MegaloDEV
Language: English
File size: 566 MB

Accursed: Emma's Path - Version 0.0.18
Accursed: Emma's Path - Version 0.0.18
Accursed: Emma’s Path is an optional-combat erotic visual-novel-styled RPG,
with a heavy emphasis on cheating,
NTR and corruption.
The game is being made in RPG Maker MZ. All Characters are 18+!

Most of the game is played from the perspective of Emma as her entire world is turned upside down.
After falling at the hands of the reining Demon Lord, Emma’s love and the Prophesied Hero succumbs to a terrible curse!
With the hero indisposed, it is up to Emma to save her beloved at all costs!
Will she succeed?
Or will she surrender to the rising darkness within herself?​

added 2 new CG sets
added a new SFW CG scene – Training 1
-accessible by talking with Cassandra on day 5
added a new NSFW CG scene – Solo Bathing Day 1 [s-1]
-ONLY accessible before sleeping on the first night.
added a “generic” bathing scene.
-accessible when taking a bath after the first night.
added new tutorial system
-converted basic controls textbox into the new system.
added a new SFW CG scene – Eyes 2 [s-1]
Bugfixes and Other

Instances where silver is provided to (and taken from) the player should actually exchange silver now.
Sleeping in the bed will no longer skip multiple days and instead go to the next day once required events have been completed.
Changed Lorraine HCG scene to now be viewable starting on day 3 instead of day 2.
Changed Developer Intro Text.
Fixed a random Emma bust showing up during the Lorraine HCG scene.
Fixed a contradictory statement in the Cassandra+Garland dialogue
Fixed General Store men from appearing again when reentering the store.
Fixed General Store quest from being repeatable.
Fixed Blacksmith quest tracking.
Fixed a typo during the Bathing Scene
Fixed Emma sprite showing during the intro scene.
Fixed dialogue error in the Garland+Cassandra event.
Added a confirmation to entering the “Throne Room” during the Cross Section. [s-1]
Save . zip Included

Save 1= Boiled Crab 1st Visit
Save 2= First Night at the Inn
Save 3= During “Introductions” Quest
Save 4= During Golden Barrel Quest
Save 5= Start of Day 3

Accursed: Emma's Path - Version 0.0.18
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