Adult Game Defective Sexbot Chop Shop – Version 0.4.0

Release date: 05/27/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Radnor
Language: English
File size: 38 MB [Win/Mac/Android]

Defective Sexbot Chop Shop - Version 0.4.0
Defective Sexbot Chop Shop - Version 0.4.0
You were an engineer at BioBotics division of Mitsutachi Corporation and accepted an industrial espionage offer from a shady group.
Everything was great, you made quite some money. Until you were found by corporate counter-intelligence. Due to the sensitive nature of your situation and more importantly, due to lots of old favors owed, you were merely thrown out with a large debt, but at least alive.
With your black mark, you were unable to find any half-decent work at any legit company and decided to rent an old chop shop and do what you can do best – repair sexbots.
– gameplay: add random event system
– internal: separate home/work random events from home/work interaction
– internal: add random event hooks to various interactions for future use
– content: sleep event
– quelity-of-life: restore parts stacks/combining
– quality-of-life: do-not-sell now works per-item-type, not per-item
– quality-of-life: show total number of parts with same id
– gameplay: missions system
– content: “scavenge” bot mission
– modding: load bot missions from mods
– gameplay: “warranty seals” flags/system
– fix: various minor issues
Defective Sexbot Chop Shop - Version 0.4.0
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