Adult Game A New Dawn – Version 4.0.4

Release date: 01/25/2023
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Whiteraven
Language: English
File size: 2.31 GB [Win/Mac]

A New Dawn - Version 4.0.4
A New Dawn - Version 4.0.4
The story follows the story of a young woman who is the daughter of the powerful duke. The family is divided , and the country is invading. You must discover a way for your family to reunite.
What do I want to focus on?
The protagonist’s mind slowly changes, from the prude queen woman to a common woman. Or you could choose to remain prude and have your mind altered in a different way.
There are a variety of ways to finish your tasks. You could find another way to complete it. You could dispose of it, or sell the item. But then your mind will be affected.
This is an effective way to convey all of the pertinent aspects of the characters’ thoughts during conversations and scenes.
There are other ways to travel.
No fights ever! This is too irritating!
More bad endings I’d like to grant you the freedom to live your life, but at a cost. There is a chance that you will suffer negative consequences for certain actions.
+ Fixed sleeping with Priapra could lead to never fade in the screen.
+ Fixed going to the orc camp on a day Victoria shouldn’t be there allow her to enter the camp.
+ Fixed watching the scene in the pub first night made it impossible for Sophie to start working in the brothel.
+ Added a new plugin which allows the player to hide the text and the textbox by right clicking.
Right clicking again will show the text and the textbox again.
+ Fixed Emma Innkeeper and Victoria scene didn’t play.
+ Fixed Emma Innkeeper and Victoria scene second time didn’t play.
A New Dawn - Version 4.0.4
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