Adult Game The Dragonspire – Version 0.1.6

Release date: 11/28/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Lancastle
Language: English
File size: 3.6 GB [Win/Mac/Android]

The Dragonspire - Version 0.1.6
The Dragonspire - Version 0.1.6
Stephen (default) is the head of Dragonspire’s private security.
You can manage many things like contracts, meetings, events, and occasionally patrols.
You will be set in the dark and modern environment that is full of sci-fi/fantasy surprises like corruption, death and difficult choices. The development of your character will shape the world around you however, the most important element is the romance.
You’ll follow along Stephen as more of the story unfolds as he uncovers the real story behind The Dragonspire.
The choices you make will affect the outcome of your story.
There are many options to you.
However, you’ll also have loved ones to consider and take care of, including some side ones you probably shouldn’t however who knows…
You can guide him towards the light or change the lighting to make it more dark.
New items and features…
Pixie: She will be a new clickable object on screen.
Dates: You are given a choice of 5 dates. Sasha, Svarin, Hailie, Cassandra, or Mindy. You must be on their path by the end of the Premier to have them be a choice. You could also lose a path or the date option, if you choose to increase your corruption instead.
Phone: I have redesigned the phone. The Profiles/Stat’s page has been redone. This will now tell you your..
Status (Single, Throuple, or In a Relationship).
Path will show you what girl(s) you are on path with.
Corruption amount.

Profiles also have been redone and more were added. Profiles will now show their affection to you (Happy, Angry, Unknown…).

Vault: I have redone some of the vault. Altered the replay section, added more images, and more.

The Dragonspire - Version 0.1.6
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