Adult Game Rosie’s Innocence – Version 1.0.1

Release date: 4 April 2018
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: BrightSunStudio
Language: English
File size: 213 MB

Rosie's Innocence - Version 1.0.1Rosie's Innocence - Version 1.0.1

Rosie's Innocence - Version 1.0.1

Rosie's Innocence - Version 1.0.1

== How does Rosie’s Innocence relate to Blooming Love? == Except for some common themes, not much. There are some characters from Blooming Love mentioned in the story. The school used in this game is also from Blooming Love (Alacia High). As in Blooming Love, you can also play as a lesbian couple. You can choose to play as a girl, but not like in Blooming Love. There are two versions of each sex scene depending on the gender. This time, there is no sister-sister relationship. Sorry. This is a timeline-wise event that takes place in the first week term. Therefore, the upcoming Blooming Love releases will take place at the same moment as Rosie’s Innocence. Rosie’s innocence doesn’t mean you have to finish Blooming Love. Rosie’s innocence does not require that you have finished Blooming Love. Both can be read as a standalone story. Rosie’s Innocence tells a complete story. This is version 1.0. It is possible that I will return to the game to fix bugs and add more images. == What are the most common themes and fetishes? == There are not many. Not many. == What has changed since the original version? == It was a lot of fun to re-create the game. – Changed from RPG Maker engine into Ren’py – I replaced all images with my own renderings/copyright free images – Now you can play as either a male or female protagonist. Original had only a male protagonist. It took a lot time to implement, and it required lots of rewriting. But I believe it was worth it. – Rosie, the main romantic leader of the game, now has the option to choose from 3 different breast sizes. It took us a long time to put this in place. We’ll wait to see if it was worthwhile. – Several scenes were altered in minor ways

Rosie's Innocence - Version 1.0.1
Rosie's Innocence - Version 1.0.1 Rosie's Innocence - Version 1.0.1
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Rosie's Innocence - Version 1.0.1Rosie's Innocence - Version 1.0.1
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