Adult Game Her Heart’s Desire – A Landlord Epic – Version 0.018

Release date: 02/25/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Big Chungus Productions
Language: English
File size: 1 GB

Her Heart's Desire - A Landlord Epic - Version 0.018
Her Heart's Desire - A Landlord Epic - Version 0.018
You are a struggling writer and you’ve just sold your novel with enough cash to afford the purchase of a home.
Life in the suburbs promised to be everything you’ve dreamed of in the city More space, more tranquility and
Perhaps you were single and didn’t have any roommates. It was the time to begin your love life. At age 43, you were not getting any younger.
If a student from college was able to see your advert and decided to rent one of the bedrooms it all changed.
It was quickly discovered that she was blonde and 18 years old, and was a lover in secret. You’re her landlord and have the time.
Feel obligated to assist her realize her fantasies no matter how depraved they may be. You can’t help but think about what you might be able of doing for her.
You never thought it possible to kickstart your love life.
Updated since launch on May 8th;
Bug fixes, a few preference related scenes, and other improvements.
More than 65,000 words now – a good sized novel worth of story
Day 4 afternoon, a scorching new scene with Lily, Daisy, and MC – the first group session with more than 50 stills, and 17+ animations (depending on your preferences in game, you may see some, all, or even none…)
Day 4 evening, a date with Tricia, where there are 70 images and 11+ animations in the scene with a BDSM / voyeur theme.
5 new sound effects
Partial rewrite of the script to date to edit out excessive mentions of the protagonists name, and instead, uses the specific nicknames that are set in the earlier part of the game.
Easy access to the new characters screen, with changes for relationships with the 3 primary love interests, as well as 3 bonus galleries (2 new for this update) which are automatically playing slideshows of unique images that were specifically created for the new gallery feature.
As usual, the two new fully animated scenes are accessible to replay via the menu in the left hand side as you play the game or reload from a previous save.
Numerous bug fixes, edits, and improvements.
Her Heart's Desire - A Landlord Epic - Version 0.018
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