Adult Game Star Knightess Aura – Version 0.18.1

Release date: 05/06/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: aura-dev
Language: English
File size: 300 MB [Win/Mac]

Star Knightess Aura - Version 0.18.1
Star Knightess Aura - Version 0.18.1
Begin to follow Aura as she begins her adventure into the world of fantasy Roya. Aura’s initial belief that she was summoned to an alternative reality was untrue. It proved to be her most terrifying nightmare. Aura is now cursed and is forced to battle night and day to find and kill her demon King.

However, the enemies of Roya are not only residing within Roya. Another enemy is in Aura’s brain through using the Demon King’s curse. He attempts to gain control over her and reduce her. A dual-edged attack on her body and mind could be threatening her ability to take on her greatest adversary. What can Aura do to overcome her biggest enemy without succumbing to her own fate?

Star Knightess Aura, an RPG that uses nsfw-based content was made using RPG Maker MZ. It covers topics such as corruption, brainwashing, and control of the mind. The characters must be 18 or older.
Added Web Bombs in Festival Shop
Added alternate text after Improved Posture mental change
Removed the I indicator for Asking For Drugs option
Added Tags option in Recollection room for H-scenes
Increased Max Lewdness to 30
Showing minimum skill level / item required to overcome obstacle if none apply
Added Beast and Refined Nose tags to Aamon and Kerberos
Fixed typos
Fixed mapping bugs
Fixed missing actor id for manual addiction progression
Fixed feeding slime in Underground not working
Fixed favorite color change not reflected in Compendium
Fixed visual glitch for lifting skirt without panties
Removed inconsistent cancel option from skirt mental interaction
Fixed lewd resistance not correctly using sensitvity focus
Removed doubled dialogue line in Asking For Drugs 2
Fixed crash when showing Aura naked image with bangles
Fixed mixed up stat increases for Flashing Breasts and Pussy scenes

Star Knightess Aura - Version 0.18.1
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