Adult Game Watching My Wife – Version 0.5.0

Release date: 04/21/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Illegible Mink
Language: English
File size: 647 MB [Win/Mac]

Watching My Wife - Version 0.5.0
Watching My Wife - Version 0.5.0
The story centres around you as a happily married man, with a loving wife. The game is about your journey to a new romantic awakening that will allow you to expand your love life to sample wife sharing. It’s your choice what you decide to do into the rabbit hole and the direction you go in. There’s no turning back both as you experience the forbidden fruits of hotwifing, cuckolding , and wives sharing.
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Several sex scenes depending on route involving: Wifey, Debbie and/or Avery.
Story wraps up the MMC’s visit to Clearwater Camp with the opportunity to continue the relationship with Debs or have a bash at Avery after her night of excess. Wifey goes out on a shopping trip with Heather (5.1), and returns drunk. MMC sees an opportunity to push his agenda forward through introducing porn to their sex life with positive (if you see it that way) results.
Reconfiguration of Respect parameter for Cuck and Cheat routes to ease the point at which those kinks kick in. To have this apply to the lesbian scene with Trish (4.1), roll back to start of wifey’s visit. If it doesn’t happen and you’re working a low respect game, then you’ll probably need to go farther back and either don’t invite her to Clearwater or lie about losing Trish’s file .
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Watching My Wife - Version 0.5.0
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