Adult Game Reclusive Bay – Version 0.26

Release date: 12/15/2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Sacred Sage
Language: English
File size: 1.3 GB

Reclusive Bay - Version 0.26
Reclusive Bay - Version 0.26
When you start the game, you’ve no memory and are unable to remember what you know about the city you live in. You discover that you live in an apartment, a company launch known as The Royal as well as an eatery. The town is in a state of disrepair and off the charts but it is a refuge for those who do not want to be found. As the story progress you will learn more about your memories and more about this town, while meeting gorgeous women along the journey.
– Added a Side Scene with Eve (Eve starts to open up)
– Added a Side scene with Summer (Summer wake up)
– Added a Side Scene for Cascade (Cascade’s Struggle)
– Added a Side Scene for Lily (Lily’s Sister)
– Added a Side Scene for Lily (lily morning bedroom yoga)

– Remade the scene where Paige visits the MC.
– Remade the MC_bedroom free roam area.
– Remade the Cascade coffee date repeatable.

– Added a new feature with FwF.
Putting a girl in favorites gives a +1 RS.
Putting a girl in Hotest gives +1 SL.
when you switch them out their RS or SL goes back to normal.

– Fixed a bug when you clicked another upgrade when buying an upgrade already, it would error.
– Fixed the bug where places would say it was closed when it doesn’t (No more double clicking YAY!)
– Fixed a bug at the Mausoleum at late night.
– Fixed a bug in the bar where Summer talked to you at places she shouldn’t have.
– Fixed a bug in Cascade’s replay.
– Fixed a couple replay bugs if you rejected the girls advances in replay.
– Fixed a bug that could cause errors when talking to Paige at the bar on Saturday.
– Fixed a bug with a scene with Cascade that was getting an error.
– Fixed a bug in replays from the main menu where you would get an e-mail alert.
– Fixed a bug where some players would have an error in the scene pool time with Summer.
– Changed it so after you buy a new area if automatically shows the scene rather than going there.
– Changed it so while in game can only view scenes for that playthrough and out of game menu.
you can view all the scenes you have seen across all playthroughs.
– Started converting navigation images to change depending on time of day and location.
– Fuck them typos…

Reclusive Bay - Version 0.26
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