Adult Game Tame it! – Version 0.12.0

Release date: 01/07/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Manka Games
Language: English
File size: 176 MB [Win/Android]

Tame it! - Version 0.12.0
Tame it! - Version 0.12.0
The story revolves around Lee who takes a plane to a resort in a remote Bahamian Island. However, something unexpected happens and he’ll soon encounter thrilling adventures and a lot of survival.
A thrilling process of controlling hot and wild girls, that will allow you to access many different kinks and passionate situations An island filled with secrets. You’ll have to learn abilities, make contact with women who are not yours, finish missions and finally discover if you have the chance to escape from an island!
Story continuation
New locations and buildings
New words in dialogues
Add gallery for tracking opened scenes (wip)
Add spanking to favors
Reworked steering game internal logic, less random, more QTE-like gameplay
Add outline to task requirement numbers
Remove autosave on exit (it causes problems in rare cases, thx Satadoros)
Lee may be poisoned by the raw meat with 5% chance. (thx Suck2Die)
Cat and Octa will not study more than two times per day. Lazy girls
Cat will now occasionally bring gifts, just like in Chapter 6, but with a relationship check (>=50) and not a 100% chance
Octa may now point at some collectibles in the fishing minigame
Fish with the honey recipe now shown without the requirement of big fish in the inventory
Inventory capacity slightly lowered
Highlight new tabs in the dialogue window
Update Tonya sleep game to L2D version
Fix inventory tutorial close button
Fix Cat hunting tasks assignation
Show progress marker by long tap on the pause-menu button for Android
Fix comb task progress requirement
Fix big fish catch chance after use of chapter selector in 7+ chapters
Rework progression logic in Chapter 5 from Cat relation to the simple counter. Because starving Cat lowers relation to Lee so there may be problems before.
Add character relation points on success learning
Rebalance Cat relationship chart (slightly higher requirements that cover bonus from learning new words)
Add new logic for coral fish
Spoon Lee and Cat in a sleep at a certain level of relationship (thx xBlaBlaBlax)
Add Cat to SOS screen (when her relation to Lee is high enough)
Small improvements in random function
Show new favors with the story progression only
Disable torch visual filter on the night scenes
Tame it! - Version 0.12.0
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