Adult Game Grolokk – Version 0.5

Release date: 18 February 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: gacorman70 
Language: English
File size: 600 MB

Grolokk - Version 0.5Grolokk - Version 0.5
Grolokk - Version 0.5
Grolokk - Version 0.5

Grolokk’s first release is now! This is a turn-based RPG that was made in RPGMakerMV. It follows the adventures of a Goblin Raider who goes from being an expendable piece cannon-fodder, to a fully fledged Goblin Warlord. He will be able to collect Gold, Glory and attract a stable of Nubile Human Harem girls for him to indulge in.
-Added more game-play to the main quest WIP
-Added more sub-quests WIP
-Added a new “Achievement” system (this is also a component in upgrading your harem).
-Minor Graphic and Grammatical Fixes
-Incorporated new mechanics into the war camp throne (WIP), such as calling harem girls to entertain you, treasure gallery, rest feature, and more WIP
-Incorporated Harem System for Tigeera, and Kara and Rhenise, both are heavily in the development state still.
-New erotic content for Myradonna, some new lighter content with Tigeera.
-Some minor changes to existing quests and game-play at the request and suggestion of fan feedback. Namely the encounter with the guards upon entering the Yholden Bridge-site.

Grolokk - Version 0.5
Grolokk - Version 0.5 Grolokk - Version 0.5 Grolokk - Version 0.5 Grolokk - Version 0.5
Grolokk - Version 0.5 Grolokk - Version 0.5
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Grolokk - Version 0.5Grolokk - Version 0.5
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