Adult Game Quickie: A Love Hotel Story – Version 0.28.0

Release date: 08/21/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Oppai Games
Language: English
File size: 1 GB [Win/Mac/Android]

Quickie: A Love Hotel Story - Version 0.28.0
Quickie: A Love Hotel Story - Version 0.28.0
Quickie: A Love Hotel Story is an adult management, dating simulation game that features and expands on all our characters from Quickie (short visual novel series). Play as a young university student in his final year of study in Tokyo, Japan. Just before you graduate, you are struck with the knowledge that your family hotel run by your parents will be closing down. In a last attempt to keep it open, you take the reigns on managing the hotel… and turn it into a love hotel!​
Toshiko Heart 4 (with h-scenes)

We continue Toshiko’s story with her Heart 4 event! Her Heart 4 event will be available after receiving a call from Toshiko a few days after finishing her Heart 3 event (or immediately if you’ve already completed her Heart 3 event in previous builds).

3 New Hangouts!

New hangouts are now available for Aria (after heart 3) at NEON Rooftop, Toshiko (after heart 4) at Game Palace and Reika (after heart 3) at Ueno Park!


Added: Toshiko heart 4 event (with h-scenes).
Added: Aria hangout at NEON Rooftop.
Added: Toshiko hangout at Game Palace.
Added: Reika hangout at Ueno Park.

New character and bust: Kyder.
Updated Toshiko’s apartment environment.
You can now save during the tutorial week.
Added instructions on how to unlock each invite if it’s locked.
Fairy-tale room is now only unlocked by gifting Satomi’s 5 love items.
Added 4k resolution option.

Added new rooms: Shinjuku Double and Single rooms.

Tutorial achievements are now rewarded even if it’s skipped.
Fixed Kaito animation bug during cutscenes.
Fixed instance where Toshiko was available to work at My Whiskey.
Busts no longer hide when the Hide UI button is used.
Tidied up log file to make it easier to read.
Added a few options in the setting file to help diagnose a couple of rare bugs.

Quickie: A Love Hotel Story - Version 0.28.0
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