Adult Game Eternal Lust – Version 0.2.2

Release date: 18 July 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Dark Naughtylus Adult Studio
Language: English
File size: 1 GB [Win/Mac]

Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2
Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2
Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2

Eternal Lust, an adult visual novel game, is available. You will play the role of a college student, and you’ll live a normal lifestyle. You will guide him on which path to follow, good or bad. This journey will take you to many hot girls. You have the option to make them fall in love or corrupt them, and even lead them to mind-break. There will never be a WINNER. It’s a mess, so get used to it. There are many endings to every decision that you make, so choose wisely.
– Relax at the pool with Alex and Chloe
– Day 7 Morning ( Home, Pool )

– Make up with Nadia ( If you messed up during your stay with Nadia at the spa. )
– Day 7 Noon ( Home, Living room, TV )

– Chat with Nadia at bar
– Day 7 Night ( Slum district, Bar )

– Hot scenes if you wanna romance her
– Day 8 Early morning (Continuation from Chat with Nadia event )

– Photographer wanted ( Eleanor’s path )
– Day 8 Morning ( Uptown, Eleanor’s store )

– Cassie’s confession
– Day 8 Night ( Home, MC’s room )

– Workout with Alex
– Day 9 Morning ( Home, Kitchen, Kitchen table )

– Cindy sleeps on the sofa
– Day 9 Night ( Home, Living room )
– Must counter Cassie’s confession event first

– Check on Cindy
– Day 10 Morning ( Home, Cindy’s room )
– Must carry her from the sofa to her bed. ( Previous event )

– Jogging with Rita
– Day 10 Morning ( Home, Rita’s room )
– Must do yoga class with Rita at least 3 times ( Speak with her at the evening to do the yoga class )

– Lunch date with Cindy
– Day 10 Noon ( Downtown, Firm, Cindy’s office )
– Must ask her out after you check on her.

– Trisha’s project first phase
– Day 11 Noon ( College, College lab, Chat with her )
– Must help her at least 3 times ( You can do so by helping her at noon @ evening )

– Zoe’s birthday surprise
– Day 11 Evening ( Uptown, College )
– Do it after encountered Trisha’s event from before

– Mystery call
– Day 12 Noon ( Home, MC’s room )

– Zoe’s birthday party
– Day 12 Night ( Uptown, Band Hangout, Hangout with them )

– Lilith give another potion
– Day 13 Night ( Home, Bed, Go meet her )
– This event has 2 path. Love and lust. If you wanna romance her, you have to make sure you give your soul to her during the potion of lust event. If not, it will automatically trigger the lust path.

– Frost’s secret
– Day 15 Morning ( College, Frost’s office )

– Rita’s planned wedding
– Day 16 Evening ( Home, Rita’s room )

– Inhibition points has been changed from 100 => 10 – Map UI has been updated in some places
– All images has been compressed by me. Except videos.
– Fixed previous bugs and errors (Let me know if there’s more)

– 479 new rendered UHD images ( 1319 UHD still images )

Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2
Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2 Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2
Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2 Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2
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Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2Eternal Lust - Version 0.2.2
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