Adult Game Sultry Summer Stories – Version 0.3.3

Release date: 08/22/2022
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Acid Silver
Language: English
File size: 1.6 GB [Win/Mac]

Sultry Summer Stories - Version 0.3.3
Sultry Summer Stories - Version 0.3.3
In this tale, you take on the role of a man in his 20s who has returned to the city of Summerville for a vacation after a long absence.
Adult life offers many benefits and opportunities as you’ll soon see.
It all depends on what you do during the summer months.
Here is where your adventure begins.
Added new scenes for Samantha and Destiny
You can now search through trash cans and dumpsters with a chance to find money, valuables, and collectible cards. The trash collected can be turned in to Harmony, who can be found on the Beach during the day
Added a new way to increase your attributes: you can now find books during your explorations, which can later be read at home using a chair in your room
Reworked the PC in MC’s room to emulate mouse clicks + added some new functionality
New scenes in the Secret Gallery are available for unlocking
Secret Gallery is now open for everyone. The password is no longer required
New place: XXX Theater (RLD)
New place: Bakery (Downtown)
New place: Police department (Downtown)
Added seven new collectible cards
Reworked collectible card #6
Added more tips displayed during sleep
Added new hidden achievements
Made some changes to the Beach location
Gardening Gloves can now be obtained at any point in the game
Improved the smoothness of picture loading for some scenes by adding pre-caching when entering a location
Changed the dependencies between some events: two days now pass between the first meeting with Jinni and her appearance in the Cafe instead of three; Sparrow’s second job is now available two days after the completion of the first, instead of one, and only after you have unlocked all the main storylines
Fixed inconsistencies between in-game scenes and their counterparts in the Secret Gallery
Fixed a bug that could cause player to get stuck in a wall after visiting Izzy’s Workshop
Fixed a bug that allowed player to get to the Cemetery on the bus before the road was repaired
Fixed the turn of NPCs on the benches while talking to them
Made a variety of minor changes and improvements
Walkthrough guide now displays the number corresponding to each collectible card in the album
Sultry Summer Stories - Version 0.3.3
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