Adult Game Babysitters – Version 0.04b

Release date: 18 July 2020
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: T4bbo
Language: English
File size: 437 MB [Win/Mac/Android]

Babysitters - Version 0.04bBabysitters - Version 0.04b
Babysitters - Version 0.04b
Babysitters - Version 0.04b

You are a well-known and respected model photographer. This is how you met your woman and you eventually married her, despite her having a child (hot grown-up girl now). You were able to give your child the boy you wanted. It was quick and easy. Your dreams seem to have come true. However, your wife begins to feel frustrated. This is especially because while you are photographing hot girls in bikinis, she must also take care of your son’s diapers. She insists that she wants to go back to work so she can become an event manager. While you support her decision, the problem is that she assumes you will spend more time cleaning up after your son and changing his diapers. This is something you cannot afford, even though you are at the top of your profession. As an older half-sister, she can be quite spoilt and spends all her time twitching about how she makes her makeup or plays games. You know you were being too gentle with her. But every time you tried to spank her for being so arrogant you couldn’t… she isn’t your daughter. You can only solve the problem by hiring a babysitter
1.) Fixed various grammar and syntax issues.
2.) Fixed and photoshopped several more images and glitches.
3.) Added missing gallery for all new lewd scenes.
4.) Added walkthrough prepared by: Zoey Raven
5.) Fixed android issue with crashing game on certain images (Picture617, Picture627 etc.).
For Android Users:
1.) If your game crashes, please report device you use and version of your Android currently installed (updating version helps to prevent errors).
2.) If the keyboard screen pop ups during Saving before you click on “save name” icon, please let us know.
For Mac users:
1.) If the white textbox doesn’t appear and instead there is popping up black one on your device, thus making the text unreadable, please write in the comments.

Babysitters - Version 0.04b
Babysitters - Version 0.04b Babysitters - Version 0.04b
Babysitters - Version 0.04b Babysitters - Version 0.04b
Babysitters - Version 0.04b Babysitters - Version 0.04b
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Babysitters - Version 0.04bBabysitters - Version 0.04b
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